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Rewind - Baldock Town 4-1 London Colney

Today I am rewinding back to the 8th January 2022. This is where Baldock Town hosted London Colney at New Lamb Meadow. I will be telling my perspective of the day and game as it was quite eventful!

It was a rainy day. My original plan was to go to Barton Rovers vs St Neots Town but on the way over we had found out that it was postponed! My first instinct after finding this out was is there another non-league game nearby that is on? The clock was ticking and we had very little time so we decided to head to Biggleswade FC. About 30 seconds after deciding to go to Biggleswade we quickly found out that their game was off too! We were very tempted to just go home after this but I wasn't giving up! I then found a game that was actually on. This game was Baldock Town vs London Colney. We got there about 7 minutes late but nothing had really happened so far.

To give some context on this game, Baldock Town were 19th and in the relegation zone. Baldock needed a turn of form and soon. London Colney started the day in 12th but their form was on the slide as they were slowly tumbling down the table. Baldock Town away would have been looked at as a tough fixture for London Colney.

Onto the game, Baldock had started the better of the two sides. Baldock Town took the lead around the 20th minute. A great corner lead to Ashley Hay nodding the ball past the goalkeeper to give Baldock Town an important lead. Baldock didn't stop here as they kept going forwards to get a second. They got this second goal soon after and what a goal it was. Jude White of Baldock Town was running forwards from midfield and after a good one-two with another player the ball was laid off perfectly to take a strike from distance. He did and it flew into the top left corner and he hit it so hard it hit the crossbar then bounced down and back up into the roof of the net killing the momentum of the ball. What a finish it was and he celebrated in style. Baldock Town lead 2-0 at half time.

It was more of the same from Baldock Town in the second half as they scored a third pretty quickly. It was Ashley Hay again as a through ball was played to him and he slotted it past the goalkeeper to surely see off any chance of a London Colney comeback. This goal seemed to rattle the players and fans of London Colney as things started to kick off. A Baldock Town player was involved in a tussle with the opposition and this lead to him being slammed into wooden fencing. I personally thought it looked like the type thing that could break a few ribs but the referee and London Colney players and fans didn't think so. Jude White of Baldock Town started arguing with some London Colney fans and the referee didn't think too highly of this and he received a sin bin. This soon proved to be costly as London Colney pulled one back. This was thanks to Andre Odetola who scored after some pinball in the box. Baldock didn't seem to worried about this as they kept going forwards and didn't give London Colney a shout going forwards. It was soon 4-1 as Aedan Gaffney added to his season tally after a ball was played across to him as he fired into the bottom corner. The game finished Baldock Town 4-1 London Colney.

In my opinion, this game was the start of a revival for Baldock Town as they survived relegation as they finished 17th and 5 points clear of the drop zone. However this was the beginning of the end for London Colney as they were relegated on goal difference.

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