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As Gameweek 1 of the Premier League comes to a close the first week of the Non-League Nation FPL League does as well. I will be going over the current standings.

  • With 21 people currently in the league, bottom spot is shared. In joint 20th place is Tom Jones and George Robinson on 45 points

  • In 19th place is Jack Wafula (Odoi) on 47 points

  • In 18th place is Mzee Ddamba on 49 points

  • In joint 16th place is Keagan Beales and Russell Cox

  • In 15th place is Freddie Cardy on 57 points and in 14th is Harry Minta with 62 points

  • In 13th place is Archie Wooliscroft with 63 points

  • In 12th is Ade Minta on 64.

  • Entering the top ten, in joint 10th place is Kim Smally and Zach Smith on 66 points

  • In joint 8th place on 67 points is Kevin Foy and Paul Cashin

  • In joint 6th place is Dylon Bailey and Leo Skerratt who both finished on 69 points

  • Into the top 5, Stefan Baisden is currently 5th on 72 points

  • In 4th place is Ollie Clark on 73 points

  • In 3rd place is Me (Zac Neal) on 76 points.

  • In 2nd place on 78 points is Tom Neal

  • And in 1st place 5 points ahead of 2nd is Mason Coulter on 83 points. Well done to all!

Highest point scorer: Mason Coulter (83)

Highest scoring selected players: Erling Haaland, Dejan Kulusevski, Aleksandar Mitrovic - 13

Captain choices: Mohamed Salah - 13, Harry Kane - 4, Erling Haaland - 2, Michail Antonio - 1, Heung Min Son - 1,

Chips used: Dylon Bailey - Triple Captain

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