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Non-League Nation Q&A!

Today, I asked Non-League Nation viewers to ask me some questions about football or my blog. I was asked some pretty interesting questions which meant some interesting answers! Read on to find out.

1) What was your first ever football game and your first ever non-league game?

Good question! My first ever football games was in January 2019 when I watched Luton Town beat Peterborough United 4-0. I had always been a fan of football but I never had the opportunity to go to a match. I then got my season ticket at Luton and have been to pretty much every home game since! James Collins scored a hat trick that day as well as a Luke Berry goal. Some great players were on show that day, like England internationals James Justin, Ivan Toney and Ben White.

My first ever Non-League game was in October 2022 - just over a year ago now. I had always been a big fan of Non-League and had been to some Non-League grounds before but never a match between two non-league teams - only friendlies for Luton Town. My first non-league game was Bedford Town vs Cambridge City and Bedford won 5-0. It was a great advert for non-league with five goals and two red cards.

2) What is the one non-league ground you want to visit?

This is a tough one. I would love to visit The Hive Stadium of Barnet soon or Meadow Lane of Notts County but I have had Clarence Park for St Albans City top of my list for ages! I have always been wanting to fit it in but it has never worked out. I've always had something to do that day or have been busy. I do plan to go later this year though!

3) If you could go on a football holiday to one city, where would you go?

What a great question! I think going somewhere in Italy would be really cool to visit as lots of teams ground share or share the same city. I love the sound of Germany as visiting any club in Germany would be an experience but If I had to pick one I would go to Milan. To see Inter Milan and AC Milan play in the same week would be class. Also, the San Siro is one of my favourite stadium's in the world and I would like to visit before it's demolished.

4) Who's your favourite team in the SSML?

Only one answer here! It has got to be my team Shefford Town & Campton. It's great fun providing a programme every home game. Out of every club in the SSML I've visited, I would say Shefford are definitely the most welcoming and the club and town have a great community. I do have soft spots for different clubs and I have some big grudges and dislikes for some clubs but overall I like most clubs. Shefford are definitely my favourite team in the SSML.

5) What is your opinion on earlier kick offs to save clubs money on floodlight costs?

For me, I'm all for clubs saving money. I think it's important for clubs to keep the floodlight cost low but as long as games aren't at ridiculous times then I am all for it. I think if it is an early kick off at home against a team that are located quite far away, I think it is more respectful to keep the later kick off but if not, kick off early.

And that's a wrap for the first Non-League Nation Q & A! I picked five of the best questions to answer and they were all great. A big thanks to those who asked them and I hope I answered them well!

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