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My Non-League TOTS!

Updated: May 17, 2022

The time has come to announce my Non-League TOTS from games that I have been to! I have been to some great games with some great performances. I will be doing the starting eleven, the player of the season, the manager of the season, the young player of the season and then the bench.

GK - Alex Street (Bedford Town)

This was inevitable. Alex Street of Bedford Town has had a blinder of a season and has kept a lot of clean sheets. I have seen Alex Street play 5 times this season and he has kept 3 clean sheets. He has been important between the sticks this season for Bedford and 100% deserves to be the goalkeeper in this team.

LB - Lewis Miccio (Bedford Town)

This was a no-brainer for me. A goal scoring full back for Bedford Town who has had a brilliant season guiding them to Step 3 of Non-League! I have seen the Australian play 5 times this season and he chipped in with 2 goals. He has been ever-present at left wing back for the Eagles and earns the left back position in this team after a great season!

CB - Charley Sanders (Bedford Town)

There seems to be a common theme here! Another Bedford Town player in the team. Charley Sanders has had the season of his life for Bedford Town in their title winning season. I have seen him play 5 times this season for Bedford and he has scored 3 from centre back. He has a big influence on both ends of the pitch. I have also seen him receive a red card but I won't let that take away the brilliant season he has had. A great player who is a real contender for POTS.

CB - Conor Clarke (Stotfold FC)

Yes you read that right! A player that doesn't play for Bedford in the TOTS. Conor Clarke is my other centre back choice for many reasons. An absolute unit at the back for Stotfold in their phenomenal campaign. He is a ball winning centre back who is very rarely beaten in the air. I have seen him play 4 times this season and he has scored 1. Very impressed by Conor Clarke this season and he earns the other centre back spot!

RB - Jamar Smith (Didcot Town)

This one is quite a statement but I feel as if this is the right choice. Jamar Smith caught my eye both times I saw him play. He is a strong, pacey full back that is willing to drive forward and he slots into the right back spot in this team. I have seen him play twice this season and both times he stood out and his performances earn the right back spot!

LW - Jonathan McNamara (Shefford Town & Campton)

There was no way Jonathan McNamara doesn't make it into this team. The Shefford Town & Campton wizard has had an unbelievable season. I have seen him play 6 times this season and he has bagged 3 times in those games. He is a fast winger and will put away most of his chances. You wouldn't want to leave him out of your team.

CM - Devonte Simms (Stotfold FC)

Another Stotfold player makes it into the team. Devonte Simms has had a class year in the midfield for Stotfold controlling games from minute one. I have seen him play 5 times and he has scored once. He has played a big part in Stotfold's title winning year and regularly contributes to Stotfold goals. He earns the central midfield space.

CM - Codi-Lee Spavins (Stotfold FC)

This one is very deserved. He isn't a centre midfielder but I feel as if it wouldn't be right not to include him. He has had an awesome season and has been Stotfold's top scorer. I have seen him play 4 times and he has scored 3 in those games. He has played a vital part in Stotfold's league campaign and he earns the centre midfield spot.

RM - Scott Metcalfe (Shefford Town & Campton)

Scott Metcalfe gets my right midfield spot. He has had a breakthrough season for Shefford Town & Campton and has been one of the major contributors to Shefford Town & Campton's goals. He is a fast, skilful winger that brings a lot to Shefford's game. I have seen him play 7 times this season and he has scored 2 goals. He brings something different every game.

ST - Rene Howe (Bedford Town)

This one was never in doubt. Rene Howe has had an epic season for Bedford Town and has scored in most games. I have seen him play 6 times this season and he has scored 6. He is the ideal poacher and goal scorer for your team as he is a unit in the air and can finish very well. He has been very good in front of goal this season for Bedford Town and he earns striker spot in this team.

ST - Henry Snee (Shefford Town & Campton)

This one is fully deserved. Henry Snee has been a revelation up front for Shefford Town & Campton and has been scoring for fun. I have seen him play 7 times this season and he has scored 6. He is also particularly good at penalties as he has taken 3 when I have been in attendance and he hasn't missed one. An all round striker, good in the air and with the ball at his feet - a real contender for POTS.

There were some players that have been very good but don't make the starting team so therefore I have made a bench. There will be 7 players.

Reece Lewis - Shefford Town & Campton

Daniel Hammer - Shefford Town & Campton

Liam Farrugia - Bashley FC

Danny Setchell - Bedford Town

Kobi Bivens - Wellingborough Whitworth

Ryan Blake - Thame United

Ashley Hay - Baldock Town

Manager of the season is next and I have made a 3-man shortlist and the winner is the the one

Brett Donnelly - Stotfold FC

Gary Setchell - Bedford Town

Kane Dougherty - Shefford Town & Campton

Winner: Gary Setchell

Now the young player of the season. Quite a close one but I have another 3 man shortlist for this award.

Max Bustamente - Bedford Town/Biggleswade Town

Scott Metcalfe - Shefford Town & Campton

James Sheridan - Shefford Town & Campton

Winner: Scott Metcalfe

Now for the big one. Player of the season is so tough to give but I have narrowed it down to 3.

Charley Sanders - Bedford Town

Rene Howe - Bedford Town

Jonathan McNamara - Shefford Town & Campton

Winner: Charley Sanders

Congratulations to all the winners and hopefully lots more next season!

Photo courtesy of Bedford Today

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