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Groundhopping: Deva Stadium - Chester FC

This was a great ground to visit as it stretched across two countries. Today's journey was to the Deva Stadium - home of Chester FC.

A ground like no other, the Deva Stadium home of the National League North side Chester FC was today's groundhop. This ground is special for many reasons but the main reason is because it stretches across the England and Wales border. I am a big fan of this ground and I will tell you why.

The ground is on the edge of an estate with lots car dealerships and businesses. On the other side is the River Dee which stretches past the stadium and further on for 70 miles. We went on a bit of an adventure to get there as we walked through Grosvenor Park. We crossed the bridge over the River Dee and in the distance we could see the Deva Stadium on one side and the Snowdonia mountain range on the other. As we got closer we had to walk down a straight country road that went on for about a mile. We then had to walk through a busy street before we got to the business park and then the ground.

The ground itself is quite small but I do like the open spaces around the ground. It has four identical stands lining the pitch. Each stands have blue and white seats. Matchday must be a special experience for the home and away fans as this ground certainly provides a unique experience. It's definitely an away day that you would look out for on the calendar if you support a club in the National League North.

I'm a big fan of this ground as a neutral but it must be a pleasure visiting this ground every week and it's one that I want to tick off in the near future. I would recommend this ground as it is a great experience. I would also suggest that you have a look around the city of Chester as it has a bit of everything!

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