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Ground reports: Creasey Park - AFC Dunstable/Dunstable Town

Hello and welcome to a new series of Ground reports. In this series I will write a detailed report of each ground that I have been to and my opinion of it. We will be starting off with Creasey Park home of AFC Dunstable and Dunstable Town.

I have only been to watch a game in this ground once but I was impressed. There is a lot of parking available but with all the events that take place it does tend to fill quickly, fortunately there is an overflow car park. Once in, I took a look around. To the left is the clubhouse and bar, the facilities are great and for me it's the best clubhouse I have been to so far. On the south side of the pitch there is a mini stand named 'The Aaron Bateman Stand' after the loyal fan tragically passed away recently. This is a nice touch from the two Dunstable sides.

The main stand is on the east side of the ground upon entry. It is named the 'Steve Spillane Stand' and is spread out on the easy side of the pitch. It is quite small in height but very wide and almost the entire length of the pitch. I sat in the main stand for my only real visit of the ground and it provided a brilliant view of the action. On the north side of the pitch is a mini stand smaller than the goal it is behind. Creasey Park is also one of the most dedicated places for developing youth players as most of the facilities are also used for youth football. The staff are also very nice!

Overall, I am a big fan of Creasey Park and would totally recommend as a neutral. If your team happens to be in the same division as Dunstable Town or AFC Dunstable I would definitely mark it down as a top priority away game. This historic ground has also been host to some world class players like George Best! If you are ever free on a Saturday I would check to see if there are any games going on at Creasey Park!


Facilities: 5/5

Food and drink: 4/5

Stands and terraces: 4/5


Overall: 16/20

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