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Ground Reports: Ampthill Town

Ampthill Town's ground is probably the most unique ground I have ever been to. Today's ground report is on the Park Stadium - home of Ampthill Town FC.

First of all, the location is perfect, at the centre of Ampthill Park, hence the name the Park Stadium. It is in the middle of hilly terrain and is near the rugby ground. The ground itself is an absolute classic. You enter through the turnstiles on the south side of the pitch. There is the clubhouse to your right upon entry and it is a good one. It is quite small but is very modern and definitely fit for purpose.

On the east side of the pitch is the main stand. The stand is painted white, yellow and blue the colours of Ampthill Town. You can both stand and sit here. At the front is a blue fence and at the back are the seats. The stand is elevated by a few feet from the ground and has a brilliant view of the pitch. It is the most unique stand I have visited and it is my favourite part about the ground! Moving further on to the north side of the ground, there is no stand or terrace but is a good amount of standing space. This is the spot where the Amps fans hang their flags. Now onto the west side of the ground is the dugouts. This is just fencing like the north side but is quite a popular spot for people to watch the game from.

To round it up, I love the eccentricity of this ground and rate it highly. For step 6 I think it is class and I will always think about this ground fondly. I recommend this ground and am very much looking forwards to coming back next season!


Facilities: 3/5

Food and drink: 3/5

Stands and terraces: 3/5

Atmosphere: 4/5

Overall: 13/20

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