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100 posts on Non-League Nation!

This post today is a celebration of the 100th post that I have uploaded to Non-League Nation! I will be going back over some highlights of the first 100 posts and also will be posting links on each one if you would like to read it! Thanks for all the support as it has been immense from day one!

February 15th - First ever post

Back where it all started. The first ever post on Non-League nation was an Introduction about me. I stated all my ambitions and hopes for the blog.

February 17th - Broke 15 views on one post

Just two days after beginning the blog I had my first post break more than 15 views. The post in question was my player focus on Chesterfield striker Kabongo Tshimanga following his bad injury the previous day.

February 26th - Broke 20 views on one post

This was a pretty big milestone for me. Just 11 days after beginning I had 20 views on a post. This post was one on the thriller of a game that was Shefford Town & Campton against Wellingborough Whitworth. Shefford Town & Campton ran out 5-2 winners.

March 5th - Broke 100 views on one post

I realise this is a big jump from 20 views but just a week after hitting 20 views on a post. This was my match report on Bedford Town's 4-0 win against Didcot Town. This was the start of a strong connection with Bedford Town. I received 118 views and counting on that post.

March 19th - Broke 100 views on one post for second time

Another big milestone as I got 116 views on my match report from Bedford Town vs Kempston Rovers. It was a solid 0-5 away win for the Eagles as they marched on to win the league title.

March 26th - Non-League Day

Non-League Day is always a special day and it certainly was. I unfortunately wasn't able to attend any games on Non-League day but managed to do 5 posts between the Friday and the Sunday. It was a great weekend with lots of different interesting results.

April 6th - Shefford Town & Campton vs Stotfold preview hits 170 views

A new record for me as my most viewed post record is broken again. This time it is a preview between Shefford Town & Campton and Stotfold FC ahead of their cup final. I would like to thank all the people that read the preview as for Step 6 to hit 170 views is brilliant!

April 17th - Going on Ollie Bayliss' Non-League Show

This was a dream come true. I was invited on the Non-League Show to speak with Ollie Bayliss about my blog and just a general chat. This was an unbelievable experience going on BBC 3 Counties Radio and I will cherish it forever. This would not have been possible if it wasn't for all of you supporting me and I can't thank you all enough for this.

May 4th - Breaking 360+ views on a single post

This was absolutely crazy. I wasn't expecting this post to do near as well as it did. The post was what each SSML Division would look like if it was based on clean sheets. The post went on to hit 365 views and counting which is crazy. I put a lot of time and effort into that post so it was a great feeling to see it do so well.

May 7th - Shefford Town & Campton promotion

A brilliant day for me topped off by a combined 182 views from my match report after Shefford Town & Campton's promotion. I rushed from Luton Town vs Reading after we sealed a play-off spot straight to Shefford to watch them gain promotion. Running on the pitch was great and the match report reached 182 views too.

May 16th - Breaking my views record again

Not even two weeks after getting 365 views on my SSML clean sheets post I got 388 views and counting on my Non-League TOTS. This was from all the games I have been to and this post did very well. We almost reached the 400 mark and this is my current record.

May 18th - Non-League Nation merchandise

Not on sale (yet) but the first Non-League nation T-Shirts arrived. A simple design as it it=s just a white T-shirt with the Non-League Nation logo in the middle. Another big highlight for me so far.

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